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What's been happening so far...

I haven't posted an entry for a while, so I thought I should tell you guys what has happened since my family and I moved and get somethings off my chest.

   My first impression of the house was great. The whole thing is really old, like from the the 1940s. My room is nice, the people who lived here before had built a kitchen in my room, so I have a sink (which I find helpful for when I'm thirsty. ^_^) I also liked the fact that we lived in a city, which was a nice refreshment from the dull as dishwater suburb I use to live in. I knew I would love it here.

   What I wasn't prepared for was the longing I would have for certain aspects of my old life. I'm horrible with change. (I couldn't even handle switching my web browser from FF to Safari, I had to switch back. >_>) So of course I missed my old room, my old house, everything. Even still sometimes I long for my old life so badly... But most of all I missed my best friend. It's hard to move away from someone you've been best friends with since you were 9. When I was on the computer and I saw the pictures we took, I felt so sad. It's not like I don't have friends here, I have plenty, but I'll get to the later. I wanted to talk to him, so I got his phone number from his aunt. (My mom had her number.) I talked to him, but... he just seemed different. I could tell you what he said, but it wouldn't mean anything to anyone else. I wanna see if he can come over sometime during the Christmas break, maybe talking to him face to face will be better...

    So, since were already on the topic of friends...

  I don't have a best friend anymore. I could count Austin (who I was just talking about), but since I moved and we hardly see each other... I don't think I should. Besides, he's probably  got a new best friend. I did make friends here, don't get me wrong. I've got plenty of friends here, but..... none of them are worthy of being called best friends. Sure, we'll laugh and talk in school, but after that, I'm alone. I do know somebody who calls me her best friend, and who 's supposedly mine. Some time in October, I met a girl named Christine on a field trip who I wanted to be friends with, but be careful what you wish for. We agreed to hang out the next day, which is when I discovered her other side. She lied shamelessly, and dropped subtle as train wreck hints that she wanted to go out with me. When she realised I wasn't going to ask her about, she switched her tactics. She would flood me with horrendous sob stories so that I would have no choice but to put my arm around her and comfort her. Luckily, she has given up on that now and we act more like friends, but no. I could NEVER see her as best friend. I still find her a bit innoying, but we do get along and I do need friend. Beggers can't be chosers.

*phew* So there, I think that about covers everything I had to say.


Can only the beautiful be famous?

I write about myself a lot in the journal, which isn't a bad thing, but I want to say something else.

          Why are only the beautiful on TV? Surely other people can act too, in fact I know they can. I was in the drama club for two years and I will join again next year. The people who worked hard and who knew every line weren't always "perfect" appearance wise. But the people who get the lead role always are. I know people who play instruments or sing, and they work their ass off everyday. But those people never appear in music videos and they never win American Idol. When is that gonna change? When will people get a role because they have a perfect voice not perfect hair?  Because they acting skills not perfect skin? Because they have the ideal talent not the ideal weight?

My Room....

It's so warm.... X_X


                    Bloody hell. My parents have been fighting RIGHT BESIDE MY ROOM since 9:00 pm. It's 12: fucking 28 right now. They are fighting over some tattoo my dad got and my mom is pissed because it doesn't look like her. Considering they are moving into different houses once they have enough money I don't know why the fuck she gives a damn.

Over Reacted?

I think....I sort of over reacted about the way people treated me. You guys on MSN, Facebook and The Oracle have all been really supportive, thank you. :) You'll be happy to know things are getting better, but very slowly. I will tell you the next time something happens.

 And to youtube user jhembasas or whatever the fuck you call yourself. I do not care if you think Sabrina the teenage witch is 17 or 18, and I really did not need 3 fucking messages about it.

    Okay, good bye everybody!

Close to being homeless

 If my family doesn't get my house sold in two days, the government is going to take it away from use. I feel so...upset. And NO ONE I have talked to in real life or online cares. They have given me fake word's of sympathy. Well, excluding Ellethwen, because she was kind, and she is going through this as well. But the other members haven't really helped so far and Mizu who I thought would understand seemed more focus on herself. So, I am packing up my stuff right now, just taking a break to come on here. If I am not on my computer for a long period of time, the government took it.

A LOT to say.....

Hello! How are you all? Sorry for an extreme lack of updates, but my computer was being a bitch and deleting EVERYTHING when ever it pleased. It really pissed me off, luckily I didn't have very many important media files back then because I had just gotten High Speed so I wasn't downloading anything bigger than MP3 files, but I did have some manga pages I had colored and I had a really special birthday card Ellethwen sent me and now they are.....in cyber-space? I don't know....whatever happens to files after they die. One to my second subject, I want to make more online friends on here, don't get me wrong, I love you guys *huggles* I just want....more replies to my entrys I guess. Speaking of friends, I am not that upset about leaving them when I move. My best friend hardly ever comes over to visit me, and the one time he did, my brother told him I was asleep (I wasn't!) I swear, I was SO mad! I honestly could of killed someone. And I thought I was excited about high school, but I am kind of worryed about how I wanna, present myself. Anyways, stepping away from my cloud of doom and gloom, I got my Sera Myu poster today, it's from "New Legend Of Kaguya Island" and it is SO beautiful! I honestly can't stop drolling over it! And what a steal too, less than five dollars! Well, I wanna type more but if I don't go to sleep now their will be hell to pay. G'night!

So depressed

                I honestly don't feel well. Not like a cold  , just realy depressed and bored with life everyday . I have not had an easy month.I think I know why i am depressed ,  I got in to a fight with one with one of my friends on msn , I dont know if were still friends on here , my best friend has been ditching me to hang out with a group of kids at school, No one at school wants to be near me , my teacher hates me, my parents could care less about my life , my happiness , my health , pretty much anything involving me ,  no one on any fourms will responed to my post, I am getting sick every other day , I was sick for a week and got kicked out of the school play because of it  , so now I have to go watch someone else in my role , I am always late for school , I could go on but why bother , seriously at this point in my life i don't care what happens to me , and neither does anyone else .

 By the way , happy birthday to me.


Anyways, I have a feeling this christmas is gonna be very good! I ain't gonna say why now, But I will post pics later! I went to shoppers today...they have teh awsome sales on pop. Anyways, what are ya'll gettin' for X-mas? 

Blah, I am dreading school, I have to sit next to a kid called taquile how INNOYES ME EVERY DAMN SECOND! I can never be by myself to think, because we share a big desk and he pushes his chair right next to mine, sometimes slids INTO MY CHAIR TO COPY MY WORK! And when I do finish my work and I am day dreaming about PGSM or sera myu or sailor moon, he will intrupt to ask me something retard like " hey  Ian would you want a girl to jirate in your face?" like today he grabed my pencil case and wouldn't give it back, but at least the teachers right there, she'll stop him, I thought, she just said " Oh ho, you guys sure are having fun" then walked away. --__-- Great. In the end, he did give it back luckily. Bah, I am still a litle innoyed.

 Last night, I had a dream  where somebody came upto me and said " The reason you haven't seen jessica around is because she died, she had to work at a construction plant, and was realy scarered and didn't want to go because it was realy dangoures, and she ended up dieing.she was hit bye a piece of macheniary and now she's dead." Jessica was someone I use to hang out with a lot , but then we kinda stoped, she might of moved, but I dont' know, what do you think?